KNS Precision Gen 2 Mod 3 Anti Rotation Pins

KNS Precision Gen 2 Mod 3 Anti Rotation Pins
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  • Item #: NRTHPMOD3
  • Manufacturer: KNS Precision

Size: .154 diameter. These are the Generation 2 Mod 3 pin sets for the POF GENERATION 3 RECEIVER and MAY fit other receivers with ambidextrous safeties. They are the strongest pins that can be produced and were designed to withstand the high impact of full and semi-automatic 9mm and supressed .223 weapons. Stainless steel pins. End retainers are black oxide. Connectors have phosphate finish. Special anti-creep retainers prevent wear on your AR-15 receiver. Pin installation tool & 2 Allen wrenches included. No modification to gun required.


Make sure gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Trigger pin is internally threaded on each end. Use pointed tool to simultaneously push out old trigger pin and feed in new trigger pin. Push out old hammer pin about 1/8" with a punch and finish pushing out with new hammer pin. Install connectors over ends of hammer pin and align holes over trigger pin. Install screws in trigger pin. Do not over-tighten, snug will do. KEEP WELL OILED.

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